How does shock absorber work?

car shock absorber

shock absorberShock absorber task is to mitigate the impacts during the movement and suppression of mechanical vibrations. In other words, the shock absorber is designed to control the rate at which the suspension can move up and down. When the spring is compressed, it stores energy. Car shock absorbers control the suspension during the compression and also reduce the rate of energy release by the spring.

Shock absorbers act, producing heat from energy with a hydraulic resistance, suppressing the natural property of the suspension bounce. Shock is like a piston that drives the lightweight oil through a valve at the bottom of the piston to create resistance. This resistance is called damping. Shocks can dampen the energy on the course and on track recoil, depending on the use.

In the process of choosing the shock absorbers you should be guided by your own preferences and wishes of comfort and handling, as well as take into account the road conditions in which the vehicle is usually operated. Quite often, for one car, you can choose several options of absorbers differing by degrees of damping, comfort, and value. Development of shock absorbers is made taking into account the features of the vehicle, for which they are intended.